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Planning and Zoning

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Permits and Applications
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860 N. Rio Vista | 872-8531 | Office Hrs: 8:00-4:30

The Planning and Zoning Department provides a myriad of services to the citizens of Socorro. The department conducts meetings for the Planning & Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments, Historical Landmark Commission and the Museum Commission. The department reviews and approves subdivision plats, lot splits, lot unifications, and all kinds of land planning within the City.

El departamento de Planeación y Zonificación ofrece una variedad de servicios para los ciudadanos de Socorro. El departamento conduce juntas de la Comisión de Planeación y Zonificación, Consejo de ajustes, Comisión histórica y la Comisión de museo. El departamento revisa y aprueba trazos o subdivisiones, división de lotes, unificación de lotes, y todo tipo de planeación de terreno dentro de la ciudad.


Inspectors from the department conduct building and plumbing (residential / commercial) inspections on a daily basis between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM when inspections are called in 24 hours ahead of time.

Plan Review
Revisión de planos

Our plan checkers thoroughly check the customer’s building plans to ensure compliance and safety. Walk-ins are welcomed. Appointments are preferred to insure that the plan checker can spend the appropriate time reviewing your project.


When submitting building or residential plans, please ensure that the plans are drawn to scale, are complete and that you have all the documentation necessary. Our plan checker will check and approve your house or building plans on a first come first serve basis. Walk-ins are welcomed to come in and talk with the plan checker after 4:00 PM and review their project.

Permits are needed for all types of construction, including but not limited to the following:

Utilities: Electric (issued to master electrician) Gas, Water, Sewer, Building: Construction, Roofing, Mobile Home Placements, Signs, Excavation & Grading, Zoning, Shade Structures**, Storage Sheds**, Rock and Cinderblock Walls, Chain-link and wooden fences, and all other type of construction and improvements.

**= Depending on the structure, some will have no charge.

Business Registration Requirements
Requisitos para el registro de negocio

Fee: (Determined at time of application)

Costo: (Se determina en el tiempo de la applicacion)

1. Assumed Name Certificate from the County of El Paso

2. Incorporation Papers (If applicable)

3. Copy of 501c3 (For non-profit organizations)

4. Copy of Texas tax permit

5. Legal Description of Property within Socorro

6. Copy of all licenses

7. Insurance Liability issued to the City of Socorro (if applicable)

8. Construction Bond ($5000) must be covered within the City of Socorro (if applicable)

9. Copy of Beer & Wine License (if applicable)

10. Health Card from City/County Health Department (if applicable)

11. Signed Application

**Plumber’s liability: minimum $300,000

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